"New Year, New You" Ideas

Let's be honest, if you're anything like me then New Year's Resolutions just are not your thing.  This year I've decided to take a different approach - rather than make a huge list of resolutions I came up with a few, useful, and realistic, things to do.  My ideas involve:

-Increasing our food storage supply
-Putting together 72 hour kits
-Reading one or two books that I have been wanting to read for a while
-Completing a few 30 day exercise challenges
-Budgeting our $

If you are wanting to make a list I'd like to suggest this - I stumbled across this picture and fell in love, it's perfect!

I couldn't find the original source so I typed up my own, with a few changes, and have provided a free printable here.

As far as 72 hour kits & food storage go there are several resources available online and my plan is to pick up an item or two each time I go grocery shopping this year and by the end of the year I should have everything I need.  I will be sharing a post regarding emergency preparedness very, very soon!  :)

I have known a few people that have been excellent with budgeting their money and have been able to pay off their debts and start saving for a house - I NEED to do this!  I will admit that I do enjoy buying things, I love giving gifts and I love buying clothes and other items for myself and my kids BUT I am beginning to realize that we are reaching the end of my husband's schooling and we are going to have a mountain of debt (student loans) to pay off and if I want to have a house and other nice things in the future then we better start behaving with our money and get those debts paid off.  I have found a few resources on Pinterest (of course) and will be experimenting to see what sort of budgeting tools work best for us.  I'll be sharing a budgeting post once I do more research and have more information.

Finally, my lovely sister-in-law just shared a few 30 day exercise challenges with me and they look amazing!  She is currently doing a push-up challenge and is experiencing amazing results.  Also, there will be another BodyRock/DailyHiit Challenge starting on January 15th.  You can sign up for that here.  I have a confession to make, I have never been able to complete a 30 day challenge within 30 days.  Every single time I attempt a challenge something comes up, about half-way through, that halts my progress and then I must spend a week or two talking myself back into participating.  It's annoying, irritating, frustrating and it must stop!  I am going to be participating in the BodyRock challenge, no matter what!  Here are the challenges my sister - I really dislike using in-law because quite frankly I love her as if we had come from the same mother, she is my sister! - shared with me:

I have posted quite a few challenges on this blog as well; here they are!

If you're looking for shorter challenges then check these out:

And finally, if you're looking to start running here are two great programs to get you going!

I am super excited for this next year!  2013 has not been my favorite year, it has been long, difficult and full of trials and challenges that have pushed me to my limits.  I am very much looking forward to a new year, new beginnings and new adventures!  


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