12 Days of Christmas (and Kiss-mas) for Your Sweetheart

Can I just say how much I love my husband?  Seriously, I adore and love my sweetheart and I often try to think of sweet things I can do for him so he knows that I love him - thanks to Pinterest I have found quite a few ideas that I may not have thought of myself.  The two ideas I will feature here are relatively simple and just so darn sweet!  It's a great way to take the time to focus on your lovebird during the crazy, overly busy, holiday season.  I will be beginning this on December 12th which means it will be done on December 23rd which leaves Christmas Eve and Christmas Day to spend with family opening gifts and it also means that I won't forget!  I have some major memory problems since having children and I definitely don't want to forget to do these things for my husband!  I have seen quite a few different ideas regarding doing "12 Days of Christmas" and here I will simply share what I came up with along with a few other ideas:

12 Days of Christmas for Your Sweetheart
Day 1 - Mountain Dew (my hubby's favorite)
*jerky stick, pack of gum, tie, candy bar*
Day 2 - travel pack of tissues (2 packs)
*socks, double candy bar package, pens*
Day 3 - 3 pocket-size listerine strip packs
*3 pair socks, underwear*
Day 4 - king size candy bar
Day 5 - 5 minute foot rub for each foot
Day 6 - 6 pack of candy bars
*soda, socks, underwear, undershirts*
Day 7 - 7 reasons why he's an awesome father
Day 8 - 8 pack of batteries
Day 9 - 9oz mixed nuts
Day 10 - $10 gift card
Day 11 - 11 reasons why I love him
*11 is a tricky number so this is the best I could come up with*
Day 12 - 12 pack of Nutty Bars (my hubby loves these too)

As you may have noticed, if you're wanting to purchase your little gifts even numbers are much easier to work with.  I must admit that I love to give sentimental gifts as well, such as reasons why my husband is a great father and reasons why I love him.  Sometimes we get so busy that we start to neglect our sweethearts so I firmly believe that it is important to let each other know what we love about one another and what makes our special someone special to us.  I hope you love this idea and will be able to incorporate it into your holiday season!

Another fun, and sweet, thing I will be doing for my husband this year is The 12 Days of Kiss-mas.  I just love it!  You can find free printables here.


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