Family Christmas Ideas

Here are a few things we do during the Christmas season as a family that I thought I'd pass along.  Merry Christmas!

Free Nativity - Great for Kids

I found this free printable here.  I absolutely love this set, it's a great way to teach my children about the true meaning of Christmas!

p.s. If you don't have access to a laminating machine you can buy self-laminating sheets at just about any store.

One of my boy's favorites is our Santa Beard Countdown:

You can find a free printable here.  Simply color and glue a cotton ball everyday until Christmas!  It's a great visual to help kids while they wait, usually impatiently, for Christmas.

We are currently completing a graduate program which means we are living in a small married-student, no chimney.  My oldest was slightly concerned about how Santa would bring presents so I found an easy solution:

You can find skeleton keys on Etsy, eBay, Amazon or your local hardware store.  I found these at Home Depot for just a few dollars.  Problem solved!

Finally, I have my very own little tradition.  Every December I read one of the most beloved Christmas stories:

I absolutely love this story and I love the lessons taught in this book.  I highly recommend reading it.  I also stumbled across another Christmas book written by Charles Dickens, The Life of Our Lord.  I have yet to read it but I am already in love with the story behind the writing and publishing of this book.  Dickens wrote this particular book just for his children and asked that it not be published until after he passed away.  A kind woman at the bookstore told me that she absolutely loved this book and said, "You can tell at the beginning he isn't too sure about his belief in the Savior but it's amazing that by the end of the book he is basically sharing his testimony of Christ."  I am looking forward to reading it and hope you will pick up a copy also!  I have a great love for reading, especially this time of year when I can curl up on the couch and read  by the Christmas tree lights.  I hope I inspired someone out there to incorporate a little more of Christ & family into their holiday season, it really is "the most wonderful time of the year!"


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