DIY Printable Restaurant Passport!

This last month we relocated from Salt Lake City, Utah to Dallas, Texas! Well, I am a Texas girl, born & raised, so I don't mind going back home, especially when I think about yummy southern food! My husband and I both love food, (who doesn't?!), and I have seen several ideas for restaurant passports on Pinterest but I wanted to find a free printable to use rather than go buy a notebook at the store (we have one car so I'm home all day) and I found one that I love!

It's meant to be a "Passport to Love" for date-nights, which I will probably also do, but I just love it for a restaurant passport! All you have to do is print the first two pages and as many of the 3rd page (I printed front & back) as you want/need, cut it all out, put it together, staple & voila! Now you have a super cute, super easy, and super fun restaurant passport! Here's mine:

As you can see, I also included fun, non-restaurant, places to visit in the Dallas area :)

I hope you love this as much as I do!!!


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