Year of the 10K!

Some of you may be aware that I have been trying to get back in shape for quit some time and part of my efforts last year included training for, and running 5k's. I ran quite a few:

Thankful 5k


I started this program around the beginning of this year and finally finished it just before running my very first 10k with my lovely friend & training buddy!

We will be running another 10k at the end of this month before my family & I relocate to Dallas where I will be running another 10k on July 4th! I'm so happy and excited that I have finally reached this point! I was an athlete while growing up, I played soccer, volleyball, ran track and attempted cross country. I have always loved sports and was always in great shape - getting back in shape is incredibly difficult! I am currently about 15-20 lbs away from my goal weight but I consider the ability to run 6.2 miles (without stopping) a HUGE accomplishment! I am very much looking forward to my upcoming events and reaching my goals!


We did it! This race was pretty difficult, almost entirely in the sun and quite a bit of uphill but we did it!


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