Shin Splints & Calf Cramps Solution - Finally!!!

I have been desperately trying to become a "runner" for the past few years & have struggled due to constant shin splints and severe calf cramps.  My legs would often become so painful that I could barely walk back home but I'm happy to say that I found a product that works for me.  I've tried different shoes, stretches, hydration methods, etc. and this is what worked for me:

I've seen the commercials for a couple months & was very skeptical (as usual) but after having to give up after jogging 1 mile I went straight from the track to WalMart & picked up a set of these.  Tonight I was determined to run 3 miles, no matter how badly my legs would be hurting.  Well...I ran 3.7 miles tonight easily, no calf cramps, no shin splints & my knees didn't seem to be bothered at all (they get a little cranky when I run sometimes).  It is now a few hours later and my legs are still feeling great.  I'm just happy that I found something that works for me!  Maybe they can help you too?  There is a $4 coupon offer on their website which is useful (these were $20 at my local WalMart); check it out!


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