DailyHiit 7 Day Challenge - Insanity Workout Killer

Day 1 - We Can't Stop - Insanity Challenge
30/10 second intervals - 5 rounds

Box/Mat Jumps
Step & Elbow to Knee (L)
Box/Mat Leaps
Step & Elbow to Knee (R)
Runners/Mtn. Climbers
Left Arm Right Leg Plank Abs
Right Arm Left Leg Plank Abs


Day 2
30/10 sec. intervals - 2 rounds
Cross Leg Reverse Curl (L)
Cross Leg Reverse Curl (R)
Weight Pass Scissors
Bike Toe Touch
Left to Right- Toe Touch Abs
Right to Left - Toe Touch Abs
Side to Side Knee Tucks


Day 3 
 50/10 intervals
Row + Fly (L)
Row + Fly (R)
Alternating Shoulders
Push-up + Half Burpee
Bike + Alternating Chest Press
Sandbag Swing


Day 4
50/10 intervals - 3 rounds
Left Step-Ups + Jump
Shot-Put Squats (R)
Shot-Put Squats (L)
Right Step-Ups + Jump
Plie Squat + Side Kick
Burpee + Tuck Jump


Day 5
 30/10 intervals - 5 rounds
Plank Tricep Kick Back (L)
Squat + Tuck Jump + 2 Push-Ups
Extend Leg + Row (L)
Flys + Press
Extend Leg + Row (R)
Lunge + Bicep Curl
High Shoulder Row
Plank Tricep Kick Back (R)


Day 6
50/10 intervals - 3 rounds
Pike Hold
Scissor Hold
Reverse Drop
Waist Drop Plank
Up & Down Plank
Bike Toe Touches
Tap & Crunch


Day 7
30/10 intervals -
Foot to Sky Twist (L)
Surfboards + Burpee
Foot to Sky Twist (R)
Leap Bench
Squat & Clean
Shoulder Drop + Push-Up


DONE!!! :)

  Feel free to share you results!  I will definitely be sharing mine once I complete this challenge!


  1. Hi there! Thank you so much for posting all those challenges (I`ve done 3 or 4 of them). Your website is arranged in really convenient way! Maybe you know and can advice me some challenge for flexibility and stretching? Thanks in advance. Sorry for my English - it is not my native language.

  2. You are very welcome! I am putting together a post full of stretching and yoga videos, it will be up within the hour :) I am so glad you enjoy my blog!


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