30 Day Challenge: Days 8 - 14 (DailyHiit.com)

Day 8: Painfully Delicious - HiitMax #3
50/10 intervals

Run or Skip (High knees)
Run or Skip (Criss-cross)
Row+Press Leg Lift+Cross
Run or Skip (Standard jump)
Frog Abs
Run or Skip (Low squat in & out legs)
Exploding Star
Run or Skip (Side to side)
Wood Chop Twist (Left)
Run or Skip (Twist abs)
Wood Chop Twist (Right)
Run or Skip (Side outs)
Elevated Push-up + Knee (L & R)
Run or Skip (One leg - left)
Sandbag Kick + Lunge (Left)
Run or Skip (Right)
Sandbag Kick + Lunge (Right)


Day 9: Killer Six Pack Abs - HiitCore #1
50/10 intervals

Step Out (L & R) + Half Burpee
Jump In & Out + Ski Abs
Chuck & Tuck
Overhead Abs
Arms Up & Down + Push-up


Day 10: Locked Out of Heaven - HiitWkend #2
4 minute challenge

8 High Knees + 8 Quick Knees + 8 Mountain Climbs


Day 11: Active Rest Day

Day 12: Ho Hey - HiitBody #5
50/10 intervals

Sandbag Swing
Elevated One Leg Push-ups (L & R)
Sandbag Swing
Side Plank Lift (Left)
Sandbag Swing
Side Plank Lift (Right)
Sandbag Swing


Day 13: Suit & Tie - HiitLean #5
15 Reps/3 Rounds

Alternating One Arm Squat & Press
Lateral Front Shoulder Raise
Row Tricep Extension
2 Point Bicep Curl Shoulder Press
Upright Mountain Climbers
Spiderman Push-ups


Day 14: Sweet Nothing - HiitCore #2
50/10 intervals

Belly Buster
Core Climber 
Waist Definer
Backside Boost
Rear Raiser
Tush Tightener (Left)
Tush Tightener (Right)
Booty Pop
Kick-A** Toner (Right)
Kick-A** Toner (Left)
Dimple Creator (Right)
Dimple Creator (Left)
Rad Roll-Up
Ball Sit-Up
Ball Cycle
Side Sculptor (Right)
Side Sculptor (Left)
Switch Ball Abs



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