Saturday, June 22, 2013

Shin Splints & Calf Cramps Solution - Finally!!!

I have been desperately trying to become a "runner" for the past few years & have struggled due to constant shin splints and severe calf cramps.  My legs would often become so painful that I could barely walk back home but I'm happy to say that I found a product that works for me.  I've tried different shoes, stretches, hydration methods, etc. and this is what worked for me:

I've seen the commercials for a couple months & was very skeptical (as usual) but after having to give up after jogging 1 mile I went straight from the track to WalMart & picked up a set of these.  Tonight I was determined to run 3 miles, no matter how badly my legs would be hurting.  Well...I ran 3.7 miles tonight easily, no calf cramps, no shin splints & my knees didn't seem to be bothered at all (they get a little cranky when I run sometimes).  It is now a few hours later and my legs are still feeling great.  I'm just happy that I found something that works for me!  Maybe they can help you too?  There is a $4 coupon offer on their website which is useful (these were $20 at my local WalMart); check it out!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

DailyHiit 7 Day Challenge - Insanity Workout Killer

Day 1 - We Can't Stop - Insanity Challenge
30/10 second intervals - 5 rounds

Box/Mat Jumps
Step & Elbow to Knee (L)
Box/Mat Leaps
Step & Elbow to Knee (R)
Runners/Mtn. Climbers
Left Arm Right Leg Plank Abs
Right Arm Left Leg Plank Abs

Day 2
30/10 sec. intervals - 2 rounds
Cross Leg Reverse Curl (L)
Cross Leg Reverse Curl (R)
Weight Pass Scissors
Bike Toe Touch
Left to Right- Toe Touch Abs
Right to Left - Toe Touch Abs
Side to Side Knee Tucks

Day 3 
 50/10 intervals
Row + Fly (L)
Row + Fly (R)
Alternating Shoulders
Push-up + Half Burpee
Bike + Alternating Chest Press
Sandbag Swing

Day 4
50/10 intervals - 3 rounds
Left Step-Ups + Jump
Shot-Put Squats (R)
Shot-Put Squats (L)
Right Step-Ups + Jump
Plie Squat + Side Kick
Burpee + Tuck Jump

Day 5
 30/10 intervals - 5 rounds
Plank Tricep Kick Back (L)
Squat + Tuck Jump + 2 Push-Ups
Extend Leg + Row (L)
Flys + Press
Extend Leg + Row (R)
Lunge + Bicep Curl
High Shoulder Row
Plank Tricep Kick Back (R)

Day 6
50/10 intervals - 3 rounds
Pike Hold
Scissor Hold
Reverse Drop
Waist Drop Plank
Up & Down Plank
Bike Toe Touches
Tap & Crunch

Day 7
30/10 intervals -
Foot to Sky Twist (L)
Surfboards + Burpee
Foot to Sky Twist (R)
Leap Bench
Squat & Clean
Shoulder Drop + Push-Up

DONE!!! :)

  Feel free to share you results!  I will definitely be sharing mine once I complete this challenge!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Couch to 5K Training Program

I just completed this program a few weeks ago & it really works!  I had to purchase a program in order to do it, which is pretty lame in my opinion, so I'm going to share the program!  You can also find it by searching Pinterest & your standard search engines but here you go:

Couch to 5k
               Day 1                                    Day 2                                               Day3
Week 1       20 minutes (8 sets):          Repeat                                               Repeat
                   Jog 60 sec/Walk 90 sec

Week 2       20 minutes (6 sets):          Repeat                                               Repeat
                   Jog 1 min. 30 sec./
                   Walk 2 minutes

Week 3       2 sets:                              Repeat                                                Repeat
                   Jog 1 min. 30 sec & 
                   Walk 1 min. 30 sec.
                   Jog 3 minutes &
                   Walk 3 minutes

Week 4      Jog 3 minutes                       Repeat                                                Repeat
                   Walk 1 min. 30 sec.
                   Jog 5 minutes
                   Walk 2 min. 30 sec.
                   Jog 3 minutes
                   Walk 1 min. 30 sec.
                   Jog 5 min.

Week 5      Jog 5 minutes                        Jog 8 min.                                       Jog 20 min.
                   Walk 3 minutes                      Walk 5 minutes
                   Jog 5 minutes                        Jog 8 minutes
                   Walk 3 minutes
                   Jog 5 minutes

Week 6       Jog 5 minutes                       Jog 10 min.                                     Jog 25 min.
                   Walk 3 minutes                      Walk 3 minutes
                   Jog 8 minutes                        Jog 10 minutes
                   Walk 3 minutes
                   Jog 5 minutes

Week 7      Jog 25 minutes                        Repeat                                             Repeat

Week 8      Jog 28 minutes                        Repeat                                             Repeat

Week 9      Jog 30 minutes                        Repeat                                              Repeat

Congratulations on running a 5k!

DIY Ugi Ball & Sandbag

Here is my very own Ugi Ball!  It wasn't too difficult or expensive to make.  Here's what you'll need:
  • 1 1/2 yds. vinyl
  • 16" zipper
  • thread to match fabric
  • needle or sewing machine (which makes it sooo much easier)
  • 2 bags of polyester fiberfill
  • old t-shirts
  • bags of rice
  • duct tape
I always have coupons for JoAnn Fabrics which I used when purchasing my items so I saved a few bucks.  The fiberfill I bought at WalMart (in the craft section).  You will have a little extra fabric left over which is always good to have on hand in case you make a mistake - I almost always do!

First you will need to cut out 6 eyelet-shaped pieces:
I made mine 26" long & 9" wide and drew the pattern out over a few pieces of printer paper taped together.  I'm sure you could find a printable pattern somewhere online.  After you cut your pieces you will sew them right-sides-together (you will be sewing your bag inside out).  I'd recommend sewing in your zipper first.  Be sure to reinforce all of your stitching 1-2 times to ensure that the bag stays together.  It does get slightly difficult towards the end of stitching your bag but you can definitely do it!  Once your bag is sewn together flip it right-side out and get ready to fill it!

Next, I bought 3 5lb. bags of white rice & duct taped them together then wrapped a few old shirts around them.  I emptied one full bag of the fiberfill and stuffed it inside my bag, laid the rice on top then stuffed the remaining fiberfill inside.  You will probably need to adjust the filling a little to make sure your bag is balanced.  Zip up your bag & you're ready to go!

 There is an ugi ball pattern on the Bodyrock webiste:

I found a pattern for a DIY sandbag here:

I'll be making my own sandbag in the near future and will definitely share the results!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

30 Day Challenge: Days 22-30

Day 22: Love Me - HiitPlus #4
4 minute challenge
(4 minutes each side or 2 minutes each side)

Hot & Fit - HiitCore # 3
50/10 intervals

Push-Up + Plank & Under (L & R)
Straight Ugi Abs
Plank Ugi Touch + Up & Down Elbows
Knee In & Over Ball
Ugi V Abs Touch
Mountain Knee + Tricep Push-Up 

Day 23: Yolo - HiitReps #6
50/10 intervals - 3 rounds

Agility Run
Backward Lunge Press (Left)
Backward Lunge Press (Right)
Windshield Washer Push-Up
Tricep Dip
Core (Left)
Core (Right)

Day 24: Lean Tight Body - HiitWkend #4
4 minute challenge

8 mountain climbs + 2 ski abs + 1 push-up + clean & press + woodchop (L & R)   

Day 25: Active Rest Day

Day 26: Strong and Sexy - HiitLean #7
50/10 intervals - 3 rounds

Jump Press Low Squat
Goblet Squat + Press
Upright Row (L & R)
Keg Press 3x + Press Switch

Fat Burning Zone - HiitPlus #5

Squat Front Raise - "see how many you can do" 

Day 27: Sexy Combat - HiitCombat #1
50/10 intervals - 3 rounds

10 Punches + 4x Criss Cross + Burpee Jump
Leg Lift + Cross Punch
Kick Over + Lunge + Punch & Body Hook (Right)
Kick Over + Lunge + Punch & Body Hook (Left)

Day 28: Lust On Me - HiitBody #7
50/10 intervals - 5 rounds

High Knees with Jump Rope
Sandbag Squat
Knee Raises (on dip station)

Day 29: Slim and Sexy - HiitLite #2
30/10 second intervals - 3 rounds

March on the Spot
Jump from Side to Side
Alternate Lunges
Jog on the Spot
Star Jumps
Squat & Kick
Star Jumps
Jump from Side to Side
Alternate Lunges
Jog on the Spot

Day 30: Repeat the Fit Test from Day 1 & Share Your Results!!!

Coming Soon:
I'll share the pattern I used to make my own ugi ball & the Couch to 5k Program!  


30 Day Challenge: Days 15-21

Day 15: Cuter Butt - HiitMax #4
50/10 intervals

Run or Skip
Switch Lunge with Oblique Chop
Run or Skip
Alternating Sandbag Swing
Run or Skip
Sandbag Deadlift + Half Burpee
Run or Skip
Weighted Squat Jumps
Run or Skip
Clean & Press + Squat & Press
Run or Skip
Elevated Under Knee Push-Up
Run or Skip
10 Plank Shoulder Touch + 10 Toe Touch
Run or Skip
Goblet Squat & Press
Run or Skip
Tuck Elevated Arm Abs
Run or Skip
Upright Row & Half Burpee

Day 16: Day Light - HiitReps #5
10 Reps/3 Rounds

Step-Up & Press (Left)
Step-Up & Press (Right)
Half Burpee + Jump
Scissor Jumps
Lunge + Press (Left)
Lunge + Press (Right)
Plank Slide Abs

Day 17: Girl On Fire - HiitWkend #3
 4 minute challenge

Wall Plank & Knee Tuck
Wall Walk & Push-Up (Alternative exercise)

Day 18: Active Rest Day

Day 19: Thrift Shop - HiitBody #6
50/10 intervals - Try for 3 rounds

Squat Knee Twist (Right)
Squat Jumps 
Shoulder Squat Lift
Diamond Star Jump
Diamond Lunge
Squat Knee Twist (Left)
Squat Side Kick
Push-Up Extended Knee (L & R) 

Day 20: Tight Hot Sexy - HiitPlus #2
 4 minute challenge

Burpee + Shuttle Jump 

Don't Worry Child - HiitLean #6
50/10 intervals - 3 Rounds

Push-Up Jump Squat
Agility Jumps
Tricep Dips
Running Man
Push-Up Half Burpee

Day 21: Make It Hot Make It Happen - HiitPlus #3
4 minutes

Reverse Pull-Ups 

Sexy Lean Legs - HiitMax #5
50/10 intervals - try for 3 rounds

Run or Skip
Push-Up + Touch Toes
Run or Skip
Squat Jump Forward & Back
Run or Skip
*V Abs (L & R)
Run or Skip
Monkey Push-Up + Star Jump
Run or Skip
Reverse Pull-Ups + Extended Leg + Knee Lift
Run or Skip
Tricep Extension + Chest Press + Extended Legs 

*The video cuts out for this particular exercise (or at least it does when I watch it) so here's a photo which you can find in Lisa's photo album for this workout on Facebook:

Monday, June 10, 2013

30 Day Challenge: Days 8 - 14 (

Day 8: Painfully Delicious - HiitMax #3
50/10 intervals

Run or Skip (High knees)
Run or Skip (Criss-cross)
Row+Press Leg Lift+Cross
Run or Skip (Standard jump)
Frog Abs
Run or Skip (Low squat in & out legs)
Exploding Star
Run or Skip (Side to side)
Wood Chop Twist (Left)
Run or Skip (Twist abs)
Wood Chop Twist (Right)
Run or Skip (Side outs)
Elevated Push-up + Knee (L & R)
Run or Skip (One leg - left)
Sandbag Kick + Lunge (Left)
Run or Skip (Right)
Sandbag Kick + Lunge (Right)

Day 9: Killer Six Pack Abs - HiitCore #1
50/10 intervals

Step Out (L & R) + Half Burpee
Jump In & Out + Ski Abs
Chuck & Tuck
Overhead Abs
Arms Up & Down + Push-up

Day 10: Locked Out of Heaven - HiitWkend #2
4 minute challenge

8 High Knees + 8 Quick Knees + 8 Mountain Climbs

Day 11: Active Rest Day

Day 12: Ho Hey - HiitBody #5
50/10 intervals

Sandbag Swing
Elevated One Leg Push-ups (L & R)
Sandbag Swing
Side Plank Lift (Left)
Sandbag Swing
Side Plank Lift (Right)
Sandbag Swing

Day 13: Suit & Tie - HiitLean #5
15 Reps/3 Rounds

Alternating One Arm Squat & Press
Lateral Front Shoulder Raise
Row Tricep Extension
2 Point Bicep Curl Shoulder Press
Upright Mountain Climbers
Spiderman Push-ups

Day 14: Sweet Nothing - HiitCore #2
50/10 intervals

Belly Buster
Core Climber 
Waist Definer
Backside Boost
Rear Raiser
Tush Tightener (Left)
Tush Tightener (Right)
Booty Pop
Kick-A** Toner (Right)
Kick-A** Toner (Left)
Dimple Creator (Right)
Dimple Creator (Left)
Rad Roll-Up
Ball Sit-Up
Ball Cycle
Side Sculptor (Right)
Side Sculptor (Left)
Switch Ball Abs 

30 Day Challenge! Days 1-7 (January 2013

I love these workouts but their website ( is so darn difficult to use! Here's week 1 which I found on this website:

Day 1: Fit Test HiitBody #3

Day 1 Fit test (12 rounds 50/10)
Day 1
Day 30
Squat jump
Push ups
High Knees
Switch Lunges
Tuck Jumps 
Tricep Dips
1/2 Burpee with Monkey
Switch Jump
Side Lunge
Frog Jumps 

Day 2: Scream and Shout- HiitReps #3

3 rounds, 50/10, 12 minutes total
 Frog Jump Burpee
 Burpee Knee Tuck Abs
 One leg Push up Jump
 Switch Lunge Burpee

 Day 3: Active Rest  

Go for a nice walk, go jogging, take your kids to the park, just get out and enjoy some time outdoors! :)

Day 4: 4 min Challenge

Kick + Lunge + Ab Lift
 Day 5:  Rock Hard HiitBody #4
 3 rounds. 50/10, 12 minutes total
Pogo Left
Pogo Right
Switch Lunge + Twist
Reverse Curl + Toe Touch Abs 

Day 6: Drop It Like It's Hot - HiitLean#4

 15 reps/exercise , 3 rounds, as fast as possible

Man Eaters
Wide Grip Push Up
Windshield Washer Pulls ups
Low Squat Press
3 Point Back Row 

 Day 7: Taken 2 the Limit - HiitReps #4
 3 Rounds, as fast as possible

Push-up Punch
Shoulder Lift Burpee Push-up
Drop It Like It's Hot
Tuck Jump Squat Jump 

Keep up the good work!

p.s.  I found a free interval timer app (Gymboss) on my phone that I use with my workouts.