DIY Gel Nails That Last!

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 I have an obsession & divine love for nail polish.  Seriously, I have about 60 bottles!  I paint my toes every 1-2 weeks & my fingernails have to be redone every few days-ish.  My biggest frustration with painting my fingernails is that the polish usually chips within 12 hours of painting them.  Between changing diapers, washing dishes, constantly washing my hands, light-saber fights, tickle monster sessions, playing outside with my boys & working out my polish really doesn't stand a chance.  BUT, I saw a way to do your own gel nails on Pinterest a while ago and decided to finally try it out and guess what, it works!  Here are my nails 3 days later:

This is the 3rd time I've used this method & it has worked everytime.  I will say that my cheap polish seems to hold up better than my more expensive brands (OPI, Essie & Elle).  Here's what you will need:

-Gelous (found at Sally Beauty Supply for about $6)
-Nail polish
-Clear Coat

1. Start by applying 1 coat of Gelous & let dry about 10 minutes. (I prefer 15 minutes)
2. Apply 1 coat of your polish and let it dry completely.
3. Apply another coat of Gelous & let dry.
4. Apply one more coat of polish.
5. Finish with your top coat & voila!

Best $6 I've ever spent on nail polish!

My goodness I am in love with this color!

p.s. I let my nails dry for 15-20 minutes between coats, this prevents bubbling & smudging.

*Update: These started to chip on day 5 & I repainted them after 7 days.  Much better than the usual 1-2 days!  I have noticed that some brands just don't last as long as others (usually my cheap polish lasts longer).*


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