DailyHiit 5 Day Fry Fat Challenge

From the email:

"Before you get started on the first workout there are a few important points to remember:
1. Make this work for you. We are all at different fitness levels. All we are asking from you is to give us your personal best.
2. Modify if necessary.  If you can't do a full push up, do one from your knees. If there is a move you can't do - substitute something else. Just give us your best and keep moving. If you need to stop and rest, pause the video and then keep going when you can. Everyone has to start somewhere and something is always better than nothing. It's not easy - and we respect you enough not to BS you about that. Do what you can - everyday that you keep trying and don't give up you are getting stronger!
3. A word on the equipment.  If you don't have our gear then substitute other weights etc. If you want to use the gear we use we have negotiated a big discount on the equipment from the manufacturers exclusively for our community - but the offer is on for a limited time only. We use only the best home gym gear out there that helps us get the best results and we use it in all of our workouts so its worth making the investment - especially if you are planning on getting in the best shape of your life with us. <insert combo pack promo>
4. Diet and Food Support.  You will see changes in your body up to 80% faster if you follow a diet and make choices with your food that support your training. It's heart breaking to see people give 110% to their workouts only to be frustrated and quit because they are not fuelling their bodies with the right foods. We've put together a short, easy to follow 14-Day Nutrition Guide guide based on what has worked for us and thousands of other people in our community. We love food which is why our sensible approach works long term to deliver results that can be seen and felt :)
5. Invite someone to share the challenge.  All kinds of research has shown that if you have a workout buddy you will stick with it and support each other to greater success. We call our workout partners "BodyRocker Buddies" - and it works even if you are in different places - share the sign up link below with a few buddies of your own and start your own home workout movement and enjoy greater success together :) "

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Day 1: HiitBody #14
50/10 second intervals - 3 rounds
1 Jump + Burpee + Push-Up + Tuck + Jump Back
Dive Bombers
Push-Up + Spider + Cross Over
Crab Touch

Day 2: TheHiit #16 - Sweat & Get Lean
50/10 sec. intervals - 3 rounds
One Leg Row + Squat (L)
Standing Cross Over + Side Out
One Leg Row + Squat (R)
Burpee Star Jump Turn

Day 3: TheHiit #17 - Abs, Abs, Abs
50/10 intervals - 3 rounds
Side Plank Knee To Elbow Touch (L)
Single Arm Kick Through
Side Plank Knee To Elbow Touch (R)
Crab Lunge

Day 4: TheHiit #18 - Ab Workout
50/10 intervals - 3 rounds
Left Leg - Right Arm
Right Leg - Left Arm
C Sit + Chest Press
Lie + Shutter Legs
A Frame Abs
Reverse Crunch + Twist

Day 5: TheHiit #20 - Kill Your Quads
50/10 intervals - 3 rounds
Squat & Bicep Curl
Lunge + Flys + Front Lift
2 Lunges + 2 Squat Jumps
Power Jumps + Tuck Jumps

p.s.  If you have a smartphone I highly recommend downloading the Gymboss interval timer free app.  It's super easy to use and doesn't cost $20.  :)


  1. Hi! I found your blog just by googling about dailyhiit. I've been doing some of their exercises and I noticed that you seem to follow a lot of their challenges, too. I'm fairly new to it, so I've been wondering if one can actually achieve results with it. How long have you been doing dailyhiit and what are your experiences with it?

    1. I've been doing these workouts off an on for about a year. Lately I've been consistent and am seeing awesome results. If you go to the BodyRock Facebook page or to Lisa Marie's page you will see an album full of people's results, it's pretty amazing. I'm currently halfway-through the recent 30 day challenge and the results I've had in only 2 weeks are incredible. I'll be posting before & after pictures once I complete the challenge. If you stick with it and are consistent you will definitely get results. Plus, it's free! :)


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