DailyHiit/BodyRock 30 Day Real Time Challenge (10/7/13)

Before you begin be sure to take your measurements!
-Bust & chest (just below your bust)
-Weight and/or jean size
-Take a before picture!

*These videos are meant to be done as you watch them.*

Day 6: Rest Day

Days 13-14: Rest & Active Rest Days
(active rest days = take it easy but still be active such as going for a walk, playing at the park, go for a light jog, etc.)

Day 19: 40 minutes (cardio)
*No video today!  Get those shoes on and go for a nice 40 minute run (or walk).*

Days 20-21: Rest & Active Rest Days

Days 27-28: Active Rest Days

*These videos are quite lengthy & it's a pain to write down all of the exercises so I will just be posting the links for the videos.*


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