30 Day Booty Challenge!

     Here is the challenge I will be starting Monday (October 21).  If you want to make this challenge more difficult here are some suggestions:

-Use weights!  Weight training will not make you bulky, ladies, it will make you lean & defined - don't be afraid to use weights!
-Do the full amount for the exercises that have (...each) next to them.
-Repeat the daily workout 2-3 times.

I will be taking a before & after photo that I will share at the end of the 30 days and you should do the same! You will definitely see results.

Squats: Standard squats, be sure that your knees are not going over your toes & get as low as you can!
Chair hold: Lean against the wall in a squat position, as if you are a chair, and hold that position for the given amount of time.
Sumo squats: a.k.a. Wide leg squats.  Stand with feet wide apart & squat as low as you can.
Fire hydrants: On all fours, lift your leg out to the side with your knee bent.
Donkey kicks: On all fours, extend your leg backwards (making a kicking motion).
-A good alternative is to extend your leg backwards, keep it straight & lift as high as you can.
Elevated leg lunges: Elevate one leg ( I put mine on my ugi ball) and do stationary lunges.
Squat kicks/Lunge kicks: When you come up from a squat or lunge kick your leg - alternate when doing squats & kick your back leg when doing lunges.

 If you have any questions about the exercises feel free to ask!


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