5 Day Sexy Sweat Challenge

Let's start the new year off right with a short & sweet 5 day challenge!

20 reps each - 3-5 rounds
Front Squat
Frog Jumps
Overhead Push
Bicep Curl

30/10 intervals - 3-5 rounds
Elevated Push-Ups
Curtsy Lunge Twist (L)
Curtsy Lunge Twist (R)
Plank Hover
Reverse Plank

10/30 intervals - 3-5 rounds
Downward Dog
Switch Spider Legs
Kangaroo Jumps
Alligator Arms
Mule Jumps

Day 4: Video (8 min.)
20 reps - 3-5 rounds
Windshield Wipers
Around the World
Leg Lowering Sequence
Scissor Kicks
Open and Close

Day 5: Video (4 min.)
30/10 sec. intervals - 3-5 rounds
Jump Squats
Burpee + Press
Ball Slams
Speed Skaters


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