Relief for Tight & Painful Runners' Muscles

          I learned a few tricks while studying massage therapy that I'd like to share with you today.  First of all, for tight, painful and/or achy feet you can find relief by simply purchasing a tennis ball, handball, or racquetball:
Then, all you have to do is roll the ball under your foot.  You can do this while eating your meals, watching TV, at your desk, etc.  It's so simple and makes a huge difference!  Much like getting a massage this should feel relatively pleasant, if it's too painful try lightening the pressure you're applying.  I like to do this in the evenings for 10-15 minutes per foot.  I have noticed a huge difference!  I can run and wear heels without wanting to chop my feet right off!  I have had several injuries due to playing soccer & running track as a child and teenager and this little ball does wonders for my ornery feet.

          My second tip is for tight/cramping leg muscles.  All you need is a rolling pin or just about anything similar to it.
Then, place the rolling pin under your calf muscle, hamstrings, IT band (outer side of the upper leg) or even roll along your quads to massage the tension away!  You can move your body back & forth over the rolling pin to work your muscles or sit and roll the pin using your hands.
          As always, be aware of your body and your comfort levels, this should not be too painful.  And, there are quite a few products on the market you can buy to have the same sort of effects but I firmly believe that if you have something around the house, or can find something to use that isn't outrageously expensive, then use it!  Being a massage therapist I seldom get massages but these little tricks are what I use to find relief from my achy "runners muscles."  Hope this helps you too!  Happy exercising!


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