30 Day Challenge RESULTS!!!

     Well, it took me a bit longer than 30 days to complete the challenge (stomach flu, sick kids, family visiting) but the important thing is that I finished it!  And, I'm seeing some awesome results!  I did take some pictures but am a little chicken to share them online quite yet, but, here is what I do have:
     Look at some of those numbers!  I am so incredibly proud of myself!  My "mommy tummy" didn't slim down quite as much as I was hoping it would but I lost inches all over & gained quite a bit of lean muscle.  My confidence has gotten the boost it needed & I am feeling so much better about myself and my abilities.  I've been able to play with my rambunctious boys without getting winded, I'm jogging 3-4 miles a few times a week, my pants and shirts are getting loose (I've dropped a jean size and a bra size!) and I'm just feeling great!  I did write down my measurements so I could share them; here they are:

                Before:          After:
Chest:     39"                 37"
Arms:      14"                 12"
Waist:     38"                  35"
Hips:        47"                  44 1/2"
Thighs:    29"                  26"
Calves:    14"                  16"

     Now, you will notice the increase in my calves - they went from being a fatty, unshapely blob to being lean & more muscularly defined, which I love!  I was a soccer player & a track sprinter growing up and my legs were always quite muscular & getting those muscles back is a huge deal in my book! I am absolutely loving the results I've gotten and am planning on repeating this challenge in September.  In the meantime I'm training for another 5k on August 24th, which I get to run with my fabulous sister-in-law :) and I'm going to be doing a few other challenges from the DailyHiit group as well as my own "August Abs" challenge which I will be posting tomorrow.  Thanks for tuning in and as always, happy exercising!

p.s.  Please feel free to ask any questions and/or share your results and stories!


  1. These are amazing results! Loosing 3'' at the waist is just incredible, you have all the reason to be very proud. I've just started doing the HIIT routine and your results boost my motivation, thanks.

    1. You are so sweet! Thank you! And you can totally do these workouts, they are definitely challenging but the results are completely worth it! :)

  2. You know what? I've just started a 30 days challenge!! Thanks for the inspiration.


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