DailyHiit Burnout Challenge

1 minute each exercise back-to-back - 2 Rounds

Wide Leg Squats
Lunge (Left)
Lunge (Right)
Left Leg Step Knee Ups
Right Leg Step Knee Ups
Squat & Side Oblique Lift
Squat & Press

Bonus: Go Heavy, Go Hard Workout - TheHiit  #14 (click for link)
50/10 second intervals - 3 rounds

Switch Kicks
Around the World
Sandbag Swing
Bent Over Row

Day 2:  Daily Burnout #2 - Chest & Arms (click for link)
1 minute each exercise back-to-back - Try for 2 rounds! You can totally do this!

Chest Press
Single Right Arm Chest Press
Single Left Arm Chest Press
Double Arm Bicep Curl
Shoulder Press
Tricep Dips
Push-ups & Twist
Clean & Press

(Lisa's Blog)

Bonus: Free Yourself - Provocative Yoga #7 (click for link)
This is a great "beginners yoga" video, about 10 minutes long & great for your back!  Enjoy!

Day 3: Daily Burnout #3 - Rock Hard Abs (click for link)
50/10 second intervals - 2 rounds

C-Sit & Press
C-Sit Knee Tuck
Over Head Abs
Straight Leg Bike Abs
Right Leg & Left Toe Touch
Weighted Hold Reverse Curls
Oblique Tuck Abs, Left & Right
High Plank Touch Elbow
Low Plank Touch Elbow
Plank Opposite Elbow to Knee - Under
Plank Twist
Reverse Ab Hold

Bonus: Max Out Cardio Workout - HiitTabata #4 (click for link)
20/5 second intervals - 5 rounds

Side to Side Jumps
Push-up + Jump in + Side to Side
High Knees
Jump Squats
Commando Roll + 5 Mtn. Climbs

Day 4: Daily Burnout #4 - Total Body Cardio (click for link)
50/10 second intervals - 2 rounds

1 Leg Push Up Burpee Sandbag Jump
8x Tuck Jumps + 8x Wide Squat Jumps
Wide Leg Mtn. Climbers
Star Burpee, Surfboard Jumps
Split Lunge Kick Ups
Drop It Like It's Hot
10x Mtn. Climbers & Roll
Floor Jumps
Squat & Star Jump
Push-Up Clean & Press
Toe Touch Jumps
Split Lunge & Press

Bonus: Burn It Bodyweight Workout - TheHiit #15 (click for link)
50/10 second intervals - 3 rounds

Tuck Abs
Side Oblique Jumps
Tricep Dips
Ski Abs

Day 5: Daily Burnout #5 - Back & Shoulders (click for link)
50/10 second intervals - 4 rounds

Left Arm Row
Right Arm Row
L - Front, Side Lift - Left & Right Alternate
Straight Punches
Reverse Push-Ups
Push-Up & Row, Burpee, Clean & Press

Bonus: Provocative Yoga #8 - Harness Your Strength (click for link)
Only 7 minutes & you'll feel great after completing this video!

Day 6: Daily Burnout #6 - Core, Stretch & Balance (click for link)
50/10 second intervals - 2 rounds

Single Leg Deadlift - Left
Single Leg Deadlift - Right
WoodChop Left
WoodChop Right
Straight Leg Touch Toe Abs Sit Ups
Pogo Jump - Alternate Left & Right
Dive Bombers to Downward Dog
One Leg Downward Dog Lift & Touch Push-Up - Alternate Left & Right
Oblique Plank Knee Touch Left
Oblique Plank Knee Touch Right
Wide Leg Mountain Climber Touch
 L Step Squat - Left & Right

Day 7: Daily Burnout #7 - Full Body Weighted Workout (click for link)
50/10 second intervals - 2 rounds

Overhead Abs (click each for demo links)
Bicep Curl & Press
Oblique Side Crunch
Tricep Dips
Bike Abs
Chest Press
*Dive Bomber Abs OR Switch Lunge Kick
Upright Row
Reverse Curls
Clean & Shoulder Press
Flys, Chest Press & Abs
Sandbag Swings
Lunge & Twist

-There were issues with the camera overheating while filming this workout so there was a demo video provided for each exercise; sorry!  And because this workout is rather lengthy don't feel bad if you only do 1 round or if you need to break it up throughout the day.

*This exercise was done in yesterday's video & the video provided was for switch lunge kicks.

Day 8: Daily Burnout #8 - Bodyweight Ab Blast (click for link)
50/10 second intervals - 4 rounds

Seated Bike Abs - L & R Alternate
Frog Reverse Curls (feet together)
Roll V Abs - L & R Alternate
Bike Abs

Bonus: HiitBody #14 - It's All You, Bodyweight Workout (click for link)
50/10 second intervals - 3 rounds

1 Jump + Burpee + Push-Up + Tuck + Jump Back (2)
Dive Bombers
Push-Up + Spider + Cross Under
Crab Touch

Day 9: Daily Burnout #9 - Tight Buns Rep Challenge (click for demo video)

100 Sandbag Swings

If you don't have a sandbag just about anything weighted will work; I've used dumbbells, bags of rice, flour, or sugar in a grocery bag, books in a grocery bag, etc.

Bonus: Provocative Yoga #9 - You Have Arrived (click for link)

Day 10: Daily Burnout #10 - Focus, Dig Deep & Earn It (click for link)
(Don't Wake Me Up - Hot Butt Workout)

-This is a rep workout with 3 options which I'll put next to each exercise.  As always, it's a good idea to quickly look at the video to see how these exercises are properly done.

Clean & Press 20/30/40
Straight Abs 20/30/40
Get Ups & Jump 5/15/20
Lunge & Twist 10/15/20 (each side)
Press Ups 30/40/50
Wide Leg 1/2 Burpee 20/35/50
Oblique Lifts 20/30/50 (each side)
Squat & Press 20/30/40
Jump Mountain Climbers 30/50/60
Upright Row 20/30/50
Bicep Curl & Press 20/30/50
Wood Chops 15/20/25 (each side)
High Knees 30/40/60
Ab Twists 40/50/60
Sandbag Swing 20/40/50
Bent Over Row 20/40/40
Tuck Abs 20/30/40
Side Oblique Jumps 10/20/30
Tricep Dips 20/30/50
Ski Abs 20/40/50
Push-Up, Burpee & Tuck Jump 5/10/20
Spider Push-Ups  10/20/30 (L & R alternate)
C Sit Bike Abs  20/40/60 (L & R alternate)
Squat Up Down Punches  15/20/25 (each side)
1 Leg Touch Jumps 30/60/80 (total)
Ski Jump Hooks 15/30/50 (L & R alternate)
Push-Ups & Oblique Drop 15/20/30 (L & R alternate)
Over Head Abs 10/20/30

Bonus: TheHiit #16 - Sweat And Get Lean Workout (click for link)
50/10 second intervals - 3 rounds

One Leg Row + Squat (Left)
Standing Cross Over + Side Out
One Leg Row + Squat (Right)
Burpee Star Jump Turn

Congrats on finishing this challenge!


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