DailyHiit 7 Day Email Challenge

I recently went to http://www.dailyhiit.com/ and saw that you could enter your email address & then be sent a workout video once a day for 7 days.  Here's their 7 day email challenge!

Day 1: Fully Stacked Abs - HiitCore #4
50/10 second intervals - 2 rounds
Slide Abs
Ball Plank
Bridge Press
Table Reach
Overhead Abs


Day 2: Lift and Tone - HiitReps #10
"You don't need to spend hours at the gym to get a great full body workout."
8 reps each - 4 rounds
Push-Up + Standing Bicep Curl + Shoulder Press
Lunge Orr Row (L&R)
Squat Press
5 Row + 3 Curl + 1 Press


Day 3: Nut UP - HiitReps #11
30/10 second intervals - 3 rounds
Sandbag Golf Squats
Step Overs
EQ Push Ups
Step Overs
Leg Press
Step Overs
Sandbag Push-Up + Knee (L&R)


Day 4: Ride It Hard - HiitMax #7
50/10 second intervals -
Upright Pick-Ups + Half Burpee
Bike or Skip
Low Jacks
Diamond Push-Ups
Bike or Skip
Clean & Press
Bike or Skip
Low Jacks
Reverse Pull-Ups
Bike or Skip
Side, Centre, Side Knee Lift
Bike or Skip
Oblique Side to Side


Day 5: Hot Touch - HiitReps #7
50/10 sec. intervals - 3 rounds
10 High Knees + 10 Star Jumps
Surfer Jumps
Wood Chops Drop Side Push-Up
5 Sandbag Swings + Push-Up Over Bag


Day 6: Day Light - HiitReps #5
10 reps each - 3 rounds
Step-Up + Press (Left)
Step-Up + Press (Right)
Half Burpee + Jump
Scissor Jumps
Lunge + Press (Left)
Lunge + Press (Right)
Plank Slide Abs


Day 7: The Sexy Harlem Shake - HiitTabata #1
25/5 sec. intervals - 24 rounds total
Low Jacks
Dancing Crabs
Side Oblique Push-Ups
Ninja Tuck Jumps


Congratulations on completing this 7 day challenge!  

p.s. Don't forget to subscribe and/or like the DailyHiit on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/user/charliejames1975, and when you complete this challenge via email you receive a congratulatory email which includes a code for $25 off the pink equalizer, here you go!

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