Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Awesome August Abs Challenge!

 I cannot tell you how many of these I've seen on Pinterest & I have tried a few but they weren't nearly challenging enough for me so I created my own.  I'll definitely be sharing my results & hope you will too!

If you're having difficulty seeing/reading this I've also set up a Google doc:
Awesome August Abs!

     Now, for some folks this may be a little difficult & if it is just remember that you don't have to do these all at once, you can break up the exercises throughout your day.  And, for those who can do these without much of a problem I challenge you to repeat these workouts 2-3 times daily.  Some of these exercises may be foreign to some so below are explanations & pictures:

Full Crunches (Roll-ups)
Lay flat on your back & using your abdominal muscles slowly sit up (all the way) & then slowly return to your starting position.  Repeat.

Reverse Crunches
Lay flat on the floor, hands under your bum, and lift both legs to create a 90 degree angle, slowly lower your legs without touching the floor, repeat.

Plank & Side Plank
Start by laying on your belly or side and lift your body onto your toes/feet & elbows or hands.  Keep your back straight and hold this position for the given amount of time.

Russian twists
Sit on the floor, lift your feet, keeps your arms tucked in front of you & slowly twist from side to side (feel free to hold weights if needed).

Leg Raise + Crunch
Lay flat on the floor with your arms and legs extended, slowly lift your legs & arms and try to touch your toes.  Slowly lower your legs and arms to starting position and repeat.

Traditional crunches.  Lay on the floor with your knees bent or with your knees bent with feet off the floor, hands behind your head, and using your abs (not your neck) come up as far as you can.  Return to starting position and repeat.

Bicycle Crunches
Lay on the floor, hands behind your head, knees bent & feet off the floor.  Slowly extend one leg while touching opposite elbow to bent knee, switch & repeat.

Hip Dips
Stand a bit away from a stable object (table works best) & lean a bit to your side & place one hand firmly on the surface.  Dip your hip towards & away the table.

Mtn. Climbers
Get in full plank position with hands & toes on the floor.  Alternate lunging your legs forward & back.

Rope Climb
Sit on the floor or on an exercise ball (or an ugi ball), lift your feet and use your abdominal muscles to steady your body while you slowly use your arms to make a rope-climbing motion.

Please share your questions and/or results!  Happy Exercising!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

DailyHiit Burnout Challenge

1 minute each exercise back-to-back - 2 Rounds

Wide Leg Squats
Lunge (Left)
Lunge (Right)
Left Leg Step Knee Ups
Right Leg Step Knee Ups
Squat & Side Oblique Lift
Squat & Press

Bonus: Go Heavy, Go Hard Workout - TheHiit  #14 (click for link)
50/10 second intervals - 3 rounds

Switch Kicks
Around the World
Sandbag Swing
Bent Over Row

Day 2:  Daily Burnout #2 - Chest & Arms (click for link)
1 minute each exercise back-to-back - Try for 2 rounds! You can totally do this!

Chest Press
Single Right Arm Chest Press
Single Left Arm Chest Press
Double Arm Bicep Curl
Shoulder Press
Tricep Dips
Push-ups & Twist
Clean & Press

(Lisa's Blog)

Bonus: Free Yourself - Provocative Yoga #7 (click for link)
This is a great "beginners yoga" video, about 10 minutes long & great for your back!  Enjoy!

Day 3: Daily Burnout #3 - Rock Hard Abs (click for link)
50/10 second intervals - 2 rounds

C-Sit & Press
C-Sit Knee Tuck
Over Head Abs
Straight Leg Bike Abs
Right Leg & Left Toe Touch
Weighted Hold Reverse Curls
Oblique Tuck Abs, Left & Right
High Plank Touch Elbow
Low Plank Touch Elbow
Plank Opposite Elbow to Knee - Under
Plank Twist
Reverse Ab Hold

Bonus: Max Out Cardio Workout - HiitTabata #4 (click for link)
20/5 second intervals - 5 rounds

Side to Side Jumps
Push-up + Jump in + Side to Side
High Knees
Jump Squats
Commando Roll + 5 Mtn. Climbs

Day 4: Daily Burnout #4 - Total Body Cardio (click for link)
50/10 second intervals - 2 rounds

1 Leg Push Up Burpee Sandbag Jump
8x Tuck Jumps + 8x Wide Squat Jumps
Wide Leg Mtn. Climbers
Star Burpee, Surfboard Jumps
Split Lunge Kick Ups
Drop It Like It's Hot
10x Mtn. Climbers & Roll
Floor Jumps
Squat & Star Jump
Push-Up Clean & Press
Toe Touch Jumps
Split Lunge & Press

Bonus: Burn It Bodyweight Workout - TheHiit #15 (click for link)
50/10 second intervals - 3 rounds

Tuck Abs
Side Oblique Jumps
Tricep Dips
Ski Abs

Day 5: Daily Burnout #5 - Back & Shoulders (click for link)
50/10 second intervals - 4 rounds

Left Arm Row
Right Arm Row
L - Front, Side Lift - Left & Right Alternate
Straight Punches
Reverse Push-Ups
Push-Up & Row, Burpee, Clean & Press

Bonus: Provocative Yoga #8 - Harness Your Strength (click for link)
Only 7 minutes & you'll feel great after completing this video!

Day 6: Daily Burnout #6 - Core, Stretch & Balance (click for link)
50/10 second intervals - 2 rounds

Single Leg Deadlift - Left
Single Leg Deadlift - Right
WoodChop Left
WoodChop Right
Straight Leg Touch Toe Abs Sit Ups
Pogo Jump - Alternate Left & Right
Dive Bombers to Downward Dog
One Leg Downward Dog Lift & Touch Push-Up - Alternate Left & Right
Oblique Plank Knee Touch Left
Oblique Plank Knee Touch Right
Wide Leg Mountain Climber Touch
 L Step Squat - Left & Right

Day 7: Daily Burnout #7 - Full Body Weighted Workout (click for link)
50/10 second intervals - 2 rounds

Overhead Abs (click each for demo links)
Bicep Curl & Press
Oblique Side Crunch
Tricep Dips
Bike Abs
Chest Press
*Dive Bomber Abs OR Switch Lunge Kick
Upright Row
Reverse Curls
Clean & Shoulder Press
Flys, Chest Press & Abs
Sandbag Swings
Lunge & Twist

-There were issues with the camera overheating while filming this workout so there was a demo video provided for each exercise; sorry!  And because this workout is rather lengthy don't feel bad if you only do 1 round or if you need to break it up throughout the day.

*This exercise was done in yesterday's video & the video provided was for switch lunge kicks.

Day 8: Daily Burnout #8 - Bodyweight Ab Blast (click for link)
50/10 second intervals - 4 rounds

Seated Bike Abs - L & R Alternate
Frog Reverse Curls (feet together)
Roll V Abs - L & R Alternate
Bike Abs

Bonus: HiitBody #14 - It's All You, Bodyweight Workout (click for link)
50/10 second intervals - 3 rounds

1 Jump + Burpee + Push-Up + Tuck + Jump Back (2)
Dive Bombers
Push-Up + Spider + Cross Under
Crab Touch

Day 9: Daily Burnout #9 - Tight Buns Rep Challenge (click for demo video)

100 Sandbag Swings

If you don't have a sandbag just about anything weighted will work; I've used dumbbells, bags of rice, flour, or sugar in a grocery bag, books in a grocery bag, etc.

Bonus: Provocative Yoga #9 - You Have Arrived (click for link)

Day 10: Daily Burnout #10 - Focus, Dig Deep & Earn It (click for link)
(Don't Wake Me Up - Hot Butt Workout)

-This is a rep workout with 3 options which I'll put next to each exercise.  As always, it's a good idea to quickly look at the video to see how these exercises are properly done.

Clean & Press 20/30/40
Straight Abs 20/30/40
Get Ups & Jump 5/15/20
Lunge & Twist 10/15/20 (each side)
Press Ups 30/40/50
Wide Leg 1/2 Burpee 20/35/50
Oblique Lifts 20/30/50 (each side)
Squat & Press 20/30/40
Jump Mountain Climbers 30/50/60
Upright Row 20/30/50
Bicep Curl & Press 20/30/50
Wood Chops 15/20/25 (each side)
High Knees 30/40/60
Ab Twists 40/50/60
Sandbag Swing 20/40/50
Bent Over Row 20/40/40
Tuck Abs 20/30/40
Side Oblique Jumps 10/20/30
Tricep Dips 20/30/50
Ski Abs 20/40/50
Push-Up, Burpee & Tuck Jump 5/10/20
Spider Push-Ups  10/20/30 (L & R alternate)
C Sit Bike Abs  20/40/60 (L & R alternate)
Squat Up Down Punches  15/20/25 (each side)
1 Leg Touch Jumps 30/60/80 (total)
Ski Jump Hooks 15/30/50 (L & R alternate)
Push-Ups & Oblique Drop 15/20/30 (L & R alternate)
Over Head Abs 10/20/30

Bonus: TheHiit #16 - Sweat And Get Lean Workout (click for link)
50/10 second intervals - 3 rounds

One Leg Row + Squat (Left)
Standing Cross Over + Side Out
One Leg Row + Squat (Right)
Burpee Star Jump Turn

Congrats on finishing this challenge!

Monday, July 29, 2013

30 Day Challenge RESULTS!!!

     Well, it took me a bit longer than 30 days to complete the challenge (stomach flu, sick kids, family visiting) but the important thing is that I finished it!  And, I'm seeing some awesome results!  I did take some pictures but am a little chicken to share them online quite yet, but, here is what I do have:
     Look at some of those numbers!  I am so incredibly proud of myself!  My "mommy tummy" didn't slim down quite as much as I was hoping it would but I lost inches all over & gained quite a bit of lean muscle.  My confidence has gotten the boost it needed & I am feeling so much better about myself and my abilities.  I've been able to play with my rambunctious boys without getting winded, I'm jogging 3-4 miles a few times a week, my pants and shirts are getting loose (I've dropped a jean size and a bra size!) and I'm just feeling great!  I did write down my measurements so I could share them; here they are:

                Before:          After:
Chest:     39"                 37"
Arms:      14"                 12"
Waist:     38"                  35"
Hips:        47"                  44 1/2"
Thighs:    29"                  26"
Calves:    14"                  16"

     Now, you will notice the increase in my calves - they went from being a fatty, unshapely blob to being lean & more muscularly defined, which I love!  I was a soccer player & a track sprinter growing up and my legs were always quite muscular & getting those muscles back is a huge deal in my book! I am absolutely loving the results I've gotten and am planning on repeating this challenge in September.  In the meantime I'm training for another 5k on August 24th, which I get to run with my fabulous sister-in-law :) and I'm going to be doing a few other challenges from the DailyHiit group as well as my own "August Abs" challenge which I will be posting tomorrow.  Thanks for tuning in and as always, happy exercising!

p.s.  Please feel free to ask any questions and/or share your results and stories!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Relief for Tight & Painful Runners' Muscles

          I learned a few tricks while studying massage therapy that I'd like to share with you today.  First of all, for tight, painful and/or achy feet you can find relief by simply purchasing a tennis ball, handball, or racquetball:
Then, all you have to do is roll the ball under your foot.  You can do this while eating your meals, watching TV, at your desk, etc.  It's so simple and makes a huge difference!  Much like getting a massage this should feel relatively pleasant, if it's too painful try lightening the pressure you're applying.  I like to do this in the evenings for 10-15 minutes per foot.  I have noticed a huge difference!  I can run and wear heels without wanting to chop my feet right off!  I have had several injuries due to playing soccer & running track as a child and teenager and this little ball does wonders for my ornery feet.

          My second tip is for tight/cramping leg muscles.  All you need is a rolling pin or just about anything similar to it.
Then, place the rolling pin under your calf muscle, hamstrings, IT band (outer side of the upper leg) or even roll along your quads to massage the tension away!  You can move your body back & forth over the rolling pin to work your muscles or sit and roll the pin using your hands.
          As always, be aware of your body and your comfort levels, this should not be too painful.  And, there are quite a few products on the market you can buy to have the same sort of effects but I firmly believe that if you have something around the house, or can find something to use that isn't outrageously expensive, then use it!  Being a massage therapist I seldom get massages but these little tricks are what I use to find relief from my achy "runners muscles."  Hope this helps you too!  Happy exercising!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Freedom Run 5k!

Started my 4th of July running the Freedom Run 5k with my lovely sister-in-law.  This was my first 5k & I loved it!  We made pretty good time too:

Time: 36:46.1
Pace: 11:52/M
112 in group

I'm quite pleased with my results & am now looking forward to more training and more races!

p.s. I'm nearly done with the DailyHiit 30 day challenge & am very excited to post my before/after pictures!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

DailyHiit 7 Day Email Challenge

I recently went to and saw that you could enter your email address & then be sent a workout video once a day for 7 days.  Here's their 7 day email challenge!

Day 1: Fully Stacked Abs - HiitCore #4
50/10 second intervals - 2 rounds
Slide Abs
Ball Plank
Bridge Press
Table Reach
Overhead Abs

Day 2: Lift and Tone - HiitReps #10
"You don't need to spend hours at the gym to get a great full body workout."
8 reps each - 4 rounds
Push-Up + Standing Bicep Curl + Shoulder Press
Lunge Orr Row (L&R)
Squat Press
5 Row + 3 Curl + 1 Press

Day 3: Nut UP - HiitReps #11
30/10 second intervals - 3 rounds
Sandbag Golf Squats
Step Overs
EQ Push Ups
Step Overs
Leg Press
Step Overs
Sandbag Push-Up + Knee (L&R)

Day 4: Ride It Hard - HiitMax #7
50/10 second intervals -
Upright Pick-Ups + Half Burpee
Bike or Skip
Low Jacks
Diamond Push-Ups
Bike or Skip
Clean & Press
Bike or Skip
Low Jacks
Reverse Pull-Ups
Bike or Skip
Side, Centre, Side Knee Lift
Bike or Skip
Oblique Side to Side

Day 5: Hot Touch - HiitReps #7
50/10 sec. intervals - 3 rounds
10 High Knees + 10 Star Jumps
Surfer Jumps
Wood Chops Drop Side Push-Up
5 Sandbag Swings + Push-Up Over Bag

Day 6: Day Light - HiitReps #5
10 reps each - 3 rounds
Step-Up + Press (Left)
Step-Up + Press (Right)
Half Burpee + Jump
Scissor Jumps
Lunge + Press (Left)
Lunge + Press (Right)
Plank Slide Abs

Day 7: The Sexy Harlem Shake - HiitTabata #1
25/5 sec. intervals - 24 rounds total
Low Jacks
Dancing Crabs
Side Oblique Push-Ups
Ninja Tuck Jumps

Congratulations on completing this 7 day challenge!  

p.s. Don't forget to subscribe and/or like the DailyHiit on YouTube, and when you complete this challenge via email you receive a congratulatory email which includes a code for $25 off the pink equalizer, here you go!

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