Melaleuca for Dandruff

I have struggled with dandruff since my pre-teen years and I have always used extra-strong dandruff shampoos. Over the last few years I have noticed that these shampoos seemed to cause build-up in my hair and they ALWAYS strip the color out of my hair whenever I have dyed it. So a few months ago I did a quick internet search: "natural dandruff treatments", and I found quite a few blogs and articles full of ideas. I had a couple bottles of melaleuca already so I gave an idea a try and you know what? It works! And it is so simple! Here's what I do:

I keep the bottle in my shower and 3-4 times a week I add 8 drops of melaleuca to regular shampoo (I have A LOT of hair, you may need fewer drops). I wash my hair, let it sit for a minute or two, then rinse. That's it!

My hair is not only dandruff-free but it feels so soft and healthy! And, doing this does not strip the color out of my hair! I have not tried other brands of oils so I'm not sure if they would be quite as effective. One bottle lasts me about a month which is pretty awesome, this is much cheaper vs the brands of dandruff shampoo I would typically purchase, and it is MUCH better for my hair! Get your bottle here:


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