Encourage Reading!

I recently participated in an online Usborne Books party and I was so inspired! I have loved reading since I was a small child. I remember how much my younger brother struggled to enjoy reading, he finally found a book series when he was a bit older that he really enjoyed and he seemed to enjoy reading after that. I have always remembered that experience, especially because I have 2 sons that can barely sit still through a book most days, and a husband who struggles with enjoying to read. I want my children to enjoy reading because I believe it helps so much with school studies, communication skills, vocabulary, etc. Here are some ideas for you that I gathered from this video shared during the party:

This is my favorite idea! I absolutely love the idea of having books everywhere, I can imagine that it would be very helpful with encouraging your kiddos to read more often.

The lady in the video is amazing and super fun to work with! You can contact her for more info by going to her site:

(She's not asking me to post this, I was just so inspired!)


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