New Years Ideas for 2015!

Can you believe another year has passed already?! It seems that sometimes time seems to pass so slowly but when I look back I often wonder where the time went. My kids have gotten older, we finally finished school and entered into the wonderful life of residency, we moved from Utah to Texas, my sweetheart and I have both aged and have hopefully become just a bit wiser, and now we are looking forward to the new year and what adventures it may bring! I am not typically much of a "New Years Resolution" sort of person but I have found a few ideas that are resolution-ish that I think I can stick with. Check them out!

For those of us who love to read:

This is a list that I really love, you can find it by clicking on the link below :)

If you're looking to get in shape I have a BUNCH of workout links on this blog, simply click the "Get Fit" tab and you will find all of them, two of my most popular exercise posts are my Couch to 5k & 10k programs, here they are:

This is also a GREAT workout program and I have seen a lot of success with it:

For emergency preparedness, check this out! I have put together a family emergency binder and a few other items that you may find useful/interesting. Click here.

If you're looking for healthier cooking ideas check out my Meatless May series.

I hope each and every one of you has a wonderful new year! 


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