DIY Gel Nails & Why Your Top Coat Matters

Some of you may remember one of my posts last year, DIY Gel Nails That Last!, well, I'd like to update this method a bit and perhaps prove that your top coat matters.  I have always been skeptical about that fact so I have always used cheap top coat polishes, well, no more! I recently stopped painting my nails for about a month or so because I was getting so tired of having to do it every 2-3 days because my polish would chip so quickly, no matter how careful I was. I have been able to wear my polish for 7 days without it chipping so badly that I felt the need to redo them. I found the top coat pictured above at Target for about $6 and thought I'd give it a try. After using 3 different nail colors I am convinced, your top coat does make a difference! Pictured below is the polish combination that I've been using and it has been working wonderfully.

Nail Painting Process:
1 Coat Gelous (found at Sally Beauty Supply)
2 Coats Desired Nail Polish
1 Coat Sally Hansen Salon Manicure Top Coat

*I wait 10-15 minutes between coats*

Here are my most recent results:

I'll add a few more pictures of different polishes over the next few weeks :)

I hope this helps you!

 7 days later...

 7 days later...


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