6 Week At-Home Crossfit Program

Earlier today I stumbled across this wonderful workout program while on Pinterest and I must say, I am in love with this entire blog! This lady is fabulous and her fitness journey has definitely inspired me. Her "before & after" photos really woke me up, her starting picture is almost identical to mine at the start of my fitness journey and she is also the mother of 2 children...which means...I can totally do this!!! Most of you are probably aware that I have spent the last year doing mostly BodyRock workouts, and I have enjoyed them and I am in much better shape now that I was when I started, but, I need a change! The DailyHiit (a.k.a. BodyRock) workouts are starting to change a bit with new trainers and I have found their recent stuff to be overly-sexy which I'm not super comfortable with quite honestly...I mean, seriously, I'm here to workout, not check out girls wearing next to nothing and doing provocative poses for the sake of attention (email subscribers know what I'm talking about). So, starting Monday, I will be doing this 6 week program along with running 3 times a week (10k training) and I am so excited! I already have my "before" pictures ready to go and am so very excited for the "after" shots!


p.s. Here are a couple snapshots of her workout explanations for those of us who aren't very familiar with Crossfit.


I am soooo excited! These are my results from doing a combination of this 6 week program, training for a 10k 3-4 times a week, and eating smaller portions and better foods. I lost 20lbs, 2 bra sizes, 1 jean size, and I feel so much better about myself! I'm only about 15lbs, and 1 jean size, away from my goal!

Measurements (Before/After):
Calves: 15.75" left/15.5" right - 15.25"/14.75
Thighs: 24"/23.75" - 23"/23"
Hips: 42.5" - 40"
Waist: 34.5" - 31.5"
Bust: 38" - 35.75"
Arms: 11.75"/11.75" - 11"/11"

p.s. This is how I used to look wearing this shirt: http://eatlovegetfitmom.blogspot.com/2013/08/utah-runner-girls-5k.html


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